A Look Inside: From Geek To Urban

All too often in today's society people are forced into pressures by others to "keep up with the Jones's". Street Wear was originally meant as an alternative to the pricier luxury brands of the era it emerged in for youth who also sought to be fashionable but couldn't afford the high costs. Today it has turned into the exact opposite. Teenagers are faced with having to buy over-priced brands because they are seen as a status symbol. Often the less fortunate kids are viewed ass less cool because they cannot compete due to economic differences. From Geek To Urban is a welcome solution to this long time problem."FGTU’s fresh and vibrant designs feature the spectacular created from the simplistic, and 
embrace the multiple facets of everyone’s individuality. A brand more than ten years in the making, FGTU is an affordable alternative to pricier yet comparably fashionable labels." FGTU is showing people that you can't put a price on style. Here's A Look Inside: From Geek to Urban.