Heritage MCMXCIV Season 1 (Preview)

Here is the Heritage MCMXCIV Season 1 preview. This is just a little something to show you guys that we’re working and making progress. Here is an exclusive look at some of the things we have in store. Make sure you stay tuned in for the Heritage Mix-tape coming soon, and information on our tee giveaway contest. The Preview is below:

Moblife (Episode 1)

The homies from Phmob™ x Freshdoe Club™ x Filthy Gang get togher to provide us with some dope visuals, watch through the whole video for a look at Dope artist Ricky Toon. For all you guys who may ask:  
"What is POTHEADMOB?....swag (P)ossession (O)f (T)he (H)ighest (E)nergy (A)ll (D)omains meaning basically, we're our own gods. swag. Do whatever whenever, at the end of the day the only person you really have to answer to is yourself. That doesn't mean be sick and do foul shit, because any decisions you make you gotta deal with. Do legit shit, smoke weed, have fun, be positive. POTHEADMOB.
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