A Look Inside: From Geek To Urban

All too often in today's society people are forced into pressures by others to "keep up with the Jones's". Street Wear was originally meant as an alternative to the pricier luxury brands of the era it emerged in for youth who also sought to be fashionable but couldn't afford the high costs. Today it has turned into the exact opposite. Teenagers are faced with having to buy over-priced brands because they are seen as a status symbol. Often the less fortunate kids are viewed ass less cool because they cannot compete due to economic differences. From Geek To Urban is a welcome solution to this long time problem."FGTU’s fresh and vibrant designs feature the spectacular created from the simplistic, and 
embrace the multiple facets of everyone’s individuality. A brand more than ten years in the making, FGTU is an affordable alternative to pricier yet comparably fashionable labels." FGTU is showing people that you can't put a price on style. Here's A Look Inside: From Geek to Urban.

Could you introduce yourself to everyone? 

We are From Geek To Urban and we appeal to everyone in different ethnic groups.

Who are the members of your team? 

Cameron Johnson, Donnie Coward, Chris Jacocks, Michael Wyatt, and Deejay Rose

How did you guys start designing? 

Our designs came from everyday life experiences.

How long have you guys been around? 

We have just recently started in May of 2011, so we’ve been around for roughly seven months.

Where are you from?

 Nashville, Tennessee

How would you describe your area's fashion scene? 

Each person has his or her own individual urbanized look in the Nashville area. Nashville is, in our opinion, very fashionable when it comes to urban wear.

How has that impacted your brand's style? 

Since everyone has their own unique style, we try to create designs for anybody and everybody.

What is the meaning behind From Geek to Urban? 

It means to be your own person. An individual shouldn’t get criticized for what they wear because everyone can look great and should be accepted by what they want to wear.

How would you describe your brand? 

We are a “Brand of Legitimacy”.

 How did you come up with the concept for your brand? 

Life experience. As kids, people would make fun of those who didn’t have the latest gear on and they would be considered lame or look like a nerd. As a result, From Geek to Urban came about.

How is From Geek to Urban different from other brands? 

We are different from other brands because we are all about creating a fresh new design for those who want to stand out.

 What is the message that you would like to be sending? 

Do not worry about what others like, like what you want to like and be yourself; you just might be accepted by that.

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced, in establishing your brand? 

Communication amongst each other would have to be our most difficult obstacle that we faced so far.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running your brand?

 Seeing other people liking your designs and showing love and support to the whole FGTU family

Who are some of the people that have shown love to your brand?

 Everyone in the Nashville, Chattanooga, and Memphis area shows us a lot of love, which we really appreciate.

 What brands and designers do you look up to?

 Pink Dolphin, Billionaire Boys Club, Play Clothes, 10 Deep (basically all boutique brand clothing)

If you could collab with any one brand who would it be? 

We would love to collaborate with Pink Dolphin one day.

What does streetwear mean to you? 

Wearing something comfortable that you’re trying to show off that further describes you.

Do you have any words of Inspiration for the young aspiring designers out there? 

Never give up on your vision. Keep your confidence level high and be persistent. Most of all, ALWAYS keep God first. 

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