deadlyROBOTlove- "Letters of L?V" collection Commercial

The "Letters of L?V" collection from ATL based brand deadlyROBOTlove is scheduled to drop today at 5:11 pm. This is their first collection where everything has been handcrafted. I'm very interested in seeing what kind of pieces they release. Make sure you follow @deadlyROBOTlove on Twitter. You will be able to purchase the collection  from their online shop http://deadlyROBOTlove.bigcartel.com. Below is their official commercial for the collection.
The Letters of L?V Collection Commercial from deadlyROBOTlove? on Vimeo.


A Look Inside: From Geek To Urban

All too often in today's society people are forced into pressures by others to "keep up with the Jones's". Street Wear was originally meant as an alternative to the pricier luxury brands of the era it emerged in for youth who also sought to be fashionable but couldn't afford the high costs. Today it has turned into the exact opposite. Teenagers are faced with having to buy over-priced brands because they are seen as a status symbol. Often the less fortunate kids are viewed ass less cool because they cannot compete due to economic differences. From Geek To Urban is a welcome solution to this long time problem."FGTU’s fresh and vibrant designs feature the spectacular created from the simplistic, and 
embrace the multiple facets of everyone’s individuality. A brand more than ten years in the making, FGTU is an affordable alternative to pricier yet comparably fashionable labels." FGTU is showing people that you can't put a price on style. Here's A Look Inside: From Geek to Urban.


Saul Goode- Wild Child

Just a quick track from the bro Saul Goode of TYTF entitled "Wild Child". Check it out and download below:


Sean Taylor- Incense and Afro(desiac)s

This track feature's a verse from the bro Sean Taylor over Common's "nag champa" instrumental. This track consistent with everything he puts out. Greatness. RIP J. Dilla. Listen and download below:


A Look Inside: Krownz & Kingz

In fashion nowadays, it is rare to come across a brand that is solely committed to uplifting other individuals. Krownz & Kingz is focused on letting other people know that they are Kings and Queens on this earth, income or background. Recently I got a chance to chop it with Jordan Gardner the creator and owner of Krownz & Kingz to bring you "A Look Inside: Krownz & Kingz".


The Beginning "Behind DYNT" Short Film/ Documentary

The Beginning |  "Behind DYNT" from HWPO on Vimeo.

Yesterday I came across a dope brand by the name of Do You Not Them. Their very name is a great embodiment of what a lifestyle brand should be. Their whole concept is centered around being themselves and following their own dreams, while encouraging others to do the same. I like that they're a focused group of individuals who are creating their own successes. They aren't waiting on someone to endorse them and do the work for them. Hopefully I'll be able to get DYNT on an edition of "A Look Inside" for you guys. Make sure you check them out on doyounotthem.com and follow them on twitter @doyounotthemco.


Sir Michael Rocks ft. Tris Man & Shorty K- Too Short Back (visuals)

Sir Michael Rocks drops the visuals for "Too Short Back" off of the recent Premier Politics with Tris Man and  Shorty K. As always there's some dope fits in this video (saks fifth, vintage polo, etc.) The lovely Tennille was also killing that Hermes crew neck. The black and white gives this video a Craig Mack "Flava in ya ear rmx" feel. I'm still ready for some word on when Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe is set to drop.


A Look Inside: The Urban Relaxation

Today's edition of "A Look Inside" brings to you The Urban Relaxation. "Urban Relaxation is Is A Movement, Originally Formed By A Group Of Original Individuals, That Promotes Not Caring About What Other People Think, Or Have To Say About You. Code Name RELAXUrban Comes From Our Style. & Relaxation Promotes Our Vybe." Recently I connected with founder J $tash, to gain some insight into the movement and brand. The Urban Relaxation is a very original brand, making bold statements through their clothing. They steer clear of following in the footsteps of other street wear brands, and fearlessly blaze their own path into our culture. I bring to you "A Look Inside: The Urban Relaxation"



Check out what the homies at Freshdoe Club have in store for the upcoming winter season. Visuals shot and edited by 8th Creation Films. Check them out at Freshdoe Club. Follow @freshdoeclub on twitter.


Twelve Bar x Overdoz. tee

Check out this dope "Rise of the Dest" tee Twelve Bar and Overdoz. just teamed up to release. The tee features the "Rise of the Dest" Graphics on the front, and both the Twelve Bar and Overdoz. logos on the back. The tees come in black, white, and yellow and can be purchased at Twelve Bar. Hit the jump for more looks at the tees:


A Look Inside: Made Above

Today's more established street wear names have  departed away from their original aim of spreading a positive message through branding concepts and designs, but upon chopping it up with Arnel Custic of Made Above I realized that their may yet be hope. Made Above is a high-end street wear brand specializing in bold, conceptual, and expressive clothing for a cosmopolitan audience that hopes to inspire the masses to dismiss negativity and embrace positivity in their lives. Here is A Look Inside: Made Above. 

Saul Goode- Baby Boy (EP)

This is the anticipated "Baby Boy" ep from The Young & The Freshest member Saul Goode. The project contains 9 dope tracks and features appearances from bandmates Sean Taylor, and Dugey D. Listen to the EP and download below:

Wiz Khalifa- Dessert (Visuals)

Wiz goes on Wale's "Bait" this time. This may not be one of his best, but I think it's still kinda dope that he got Bill Paladino to direct this viral video.


A Look Inside: The Left Field Loop

This week I've been doing a lot of searching for a lot of new upcoming brands to showcase in my "A Look Inside" posts. Sure I could post about some of the more established brands that I've worked with, but I feel there needs to be some light shined on young ambitious brands making their way into the world. The brand featured in this post is everything stated above: new, young, and very ambitious."The Left Field Loop, a music, video production & clothing company, created to reflect innovation, creativity & inspire others to think outside the box." They have only been in fruition for two weeks but already they've managed to put out  some very creative threads. Recently I've had a chance to chop it up with their creator J'Nay to bring you  "A look Inside: The Left Field Loop".


Heritage MCMXCIV Season 1 (Preview)

Here is the Heritage MCMXCIV Season 1 preview. This is just a little something to show you guys that we’re working and making progress. Here is an exclusive look at some of the things we have in store. Make sure you stay tuned in for the Heritage Mix-tape coming soon, and information on our tee giveaway contest. The Preview is below: