Dom Kennedy ft. Casey Veggies, cARTer- CDC

Dom Kennedy Feat. Casey Veggies X Carter - CDC from thecensus.wordpress.com on Vimeo.

Casey and Dom really spazzed on this one. This is my favorite track off of The Original DOM Kennedy mixtape he released awhile ago. shoutouts to cARTer too.

What I'm Listening To: From The Westside With Love(Mixtape)

I've been listening to this tape all night. This is From the Westside With Love by west coast rapper Dom Kennedy.  Dom Kennedy has gained an outstanding buzz since I first started listening to him. Dom Kennedy has earned his spot in the forefront of the emerging generation of west coast rappers that are taking over. On this tape he raps about money, clothes, and women(topics which are found present on just about every album), but he also takes time to talk about love, identity,  ambition and pride for his area . My favorite tracks on this tape are "In Memory of" and "1997" both of which listen to just about everyday.  This is the perfect tape to play while riding around town, with your top down.
Download: From The Westside With Love