A Look Inside: Nerdy

 I know I've been slacking due to some technical difficulties, but heres the newest A Look Inside: featuring  the Nerdy brand which has a very dope purpose. “Nerdy brand is a style platform that serves to reverse the set definitions in culture. First with the way intellectuals are defined and treated, then with how we define the quality of our lives. Ultimately, Nerdy is a push against anti-intellectualism. Think of ‘Nerdy’ as cultural combat on behalf of those that may not fit into the finely cut mold of the commonly expected and accepted.” Nerdy is a brand that celebrates the diversity and the differences that makes each and every one of us unique. With their dope concepts and outlooks I must say that Nerdy is a brand after my own heart.
Awhile back I was able to connect with Desmond Owusu from Nerdy and he was very helpful in helping me gain an insider's perspective of the brand. Here's A Look Inside: Nerdy