DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. X Curren$y release at FTC in San Francisco

Diamond x Curren$y release at FTC in San Francisco from Ando Nesia on Vimeo.

This is the footage for the Diamond Supply co. X Curren$y "Diamond Lifers" series release in red & black at FTC in San Francisco


Surfing around the web i came across this emerging clothing line "LOUD". I must say this this line offers some pretty dope designs and I really dig their use of colors. 
“LOUD represents and symbolizes our freedom and our quest for a higher purpose. We all wish to be elevated to new heights where others only have the option to catch up but can never bring us down. We want to zone out and get in-touch with a different perception of reality where unlimited expression and blazing perfection run free. Join us as our minds exhale a breath of hope in the midst of the fumes of depression constantly ejected in our world." I must say that this brand has a very dope enlightening concept. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye...