Jay Richardson- "Guns of August" Video

Off of my experimental EP “Love Saved the Day” This is the first video that I ever made. Please Enjoy and let me know what you think. Download “Love Saved the Day” on my bandcamp http://jayrichardson.bandcamp.com/ or use http://limelinx.com/files/afc7d37a41923b99eb51f10292a6924c


Love Saved the Day EP

This is my first expiremental project, "Love Saved the Day" (LSD). Making This project was really fun for me. This is truly an expiremental project in its true sense. I approached each track with no aim or direction and just went with the flow. I really just wanted to explore how sound could be altered and manipulated to produce something entirely unique and creative.The resulting outcome was a collection of sounds, that inspire thoughts and emotions...Love Saved The Day.
Alternate Download: Love Saved the Day EP