A Look Inside: The Urban Relaxation

Today's edition of "A Look Inside" brings to you The Urban Relaxation. "Urban Relaxation is Is A Movement, Originally Formed By A Group Of Original Individuals, That Promotes Not Caring About What Other People Think, Or Have To Say About You. Code Name RELAXUrban Comes From Our Style. & Relaxation Promotes Our Vybe." Recently I connected with founder J $tash, to gain some insight into the movement and brand. The Urban Relaxation is a very original brand, making bold statements through their clothing. They steer clear of following in the footsteps of other street wear brands, and fearlessly blaze their own path into our culture. I bring to you "A Look Inside: The Urban Relaxation"

Could you introduce yourself to everyone?

Whats Gucci Its J $tash 

How did you guys start designing?

I Started Designing One Day By Accident 

How long have you guys been around?

Couple Years Now

Where are you from?

Queens Ny

How would you describe your area's fashion scene?

No Originality

How has that impacted your brand's style?

It Pushed Me To Be Different

What is the meaning behind The Urban Relaxation ?

It Defines Me

How would you describe your brand?

Very Unique & #Relax'D 

How did you come up with the concept for your brand?

I Mixed My Ideas With My Personal Style

How is Urban Relaxation different from other brands?

Its Different Because Its My Own Ideas & Im Not Inspired By Any Other Lines

What is the message that you would like to be sending?

Be You

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced, in establishing your brand?

Getting Our Name Out

What is the most rewarding aspect of running your brand?

Knowing People All Around The World Is Wearing My Clothing

Who are some of the people that have shown love to your brand?

Besides All Of Kool Niggas Around The Globe. YMCMB

What brands and designers do you look up to?

Mishka NYC & Skateboard P

If you could collab with any one brand who would it be?

MishkaNYC Of course

What does streetwear mean to you?

Being Comfortable, Stylish & Representing Yourself Through Your Everyday Outfits 

Do you have any words of Inspiration for the young aspiring designers out there?

Yeah Just Do You, Never Imitate, & Everyone Will LUV It

Check out The Urban Relaxation: http://theurbanrelaxation.com
Follow The Urban Relaxation on Twitter: @UrbanRelaxation
Like The Urban Relaxation on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UrbanRelaxation

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