A Look Inside: The Left Field Loop

This week I've been doing a lot of searching for a lot of new upcoming brands to showcase in my "A Look Inside" posts. Sure I could post about some of the more established brands that I've worked with, but I feel there needs to be some light shined on young ambitious brands making their way into the world. The brand featured in this post is everything stated above: new, young, and very ambitious."The Left Field Loop, a music, video production & clothing company, created to reflect innovation, creativity & inspire others to think outside the box." They have only been in fruition for two weeks but already they've managed to put out  some very creative threads. Recently I've had a chance to chop it up with their creator J'Nay to bring you  "A look Inside: The Left Field Loop".

Could you introduce yourself to everyone?

I’m J’Nay ‘JT’ Thompson, a 19 year old artist, poet, musician, and sophomore at Prairie View A&M University

Who are the members of your team?

Although I have a lot of friends supporting The Left Field Loop right now, I am the only person involved in production and design

How did you guys start designing?

I’ve always been an artist so design comes   got big what we would name our individual companies. I said Left Field, told her I would draw a sketch up and a little less than year later…The Left Field Loop

How long have you guys been around?

The Left Field Loop has literally been around for two weeks; however the idea has been in my head for almost a year now

Where are you from?

Currently reside in Houston, TX

How would you describe you area’s fashion scene?

Out here in Houston, I would definitely have to say eclectic. You see so many different styles, on any given day you could see something you never thought of putting together before

How has that impacted your brand’s style?

It kind of just gave me the, “you can do whatever you want,” vibe so I’m not scared to design something for Left Field that may be a little far fetched

What is the meaning behind The Left Field Loop?

The Left Field Loop is a music, video production, and clothing company created to reflect innovation, creativity and inspire others to think outside the box.

How would you describe your brand?

I would describe Left Field as new, its only two weeks old, but it is also creative, appealing, and versatile

How did you come up with the concept for your brand?

One day somebody asked me to describe the kind of music and poetry I did and I said, “well it’s kind of left field from what you hear on a regular basis,” and Left Field stuck in my head all the way to this point. Left Field stands for creativity, boldness, and artistry

How is The Left Field Loop different from other brands?

The Left Field Loop is different because it’s new, it’s mine, and it stands for everything I truly believe in
What is the message that you would like to be sending?
The message that I would like Left Field to send is that creativity is alive and well,  think outside the box, and never be afraid to be you

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced in establishing your brand?

Almost everything was difficult about establishing the brand because I did everything on my own, but more difficult than anything was production and finding the right companies. All that

What is the most rewarding aspect of running your brand?

Left Field is brand new, so seeing people in it and also people’s reactions. Only two weeks old and people were stopping us buying them on the spot, makes me feel Left Field had potential

Who are some people who have shown love to your brand?

No big names right now, but I’m working on it

What brands and designers do you look up to?

Right now I really like Joyrich and The Solefull Lounge because they are up and coming, Karl Lagerfeld and of course Ralph Lauren because he created something to me that is timeless

If you could collab with one brand who would it be?

The Solefull Lounge, I know they aren’t big but I like what they’re about

What does streetwear mean to you?

They say streetwear is directly tied to youth or “urban wear,” to me it’s whatever you feel comfortable and confident in when you leave the house. It’s all about YOU

Do you have any words of inspiration for the young aspiring designers out there?

Be you, not everybody is going to like or get behind what you’re trying to do…but never settle for anything less than what you envision. Be you

Check out The Left Field Loop: http://theleftfieldloop.tumblr.com/
Shop The Left Field Loop: http://theleftfieldloop.bigcartel.com/
Follow on twitter: @leftfieldloop

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